Concerns of a Divorcing Physician in Louisville – Property & Privacy

Concerns of a Divorcing Physician in Louisville

What are some of the concerns of a divorcing physician in Louisville? This isn’t simply about the assets at stake or your interests as a parent in child custody and visitation. Most of our professional clients are also worried about their reputation and privacy. Doctors face several unique challenges in a divorce which require the proven, experienced advice and counsel of the divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd.

These cases often involve high-earning individuals with a substantial net worth based upon complex assets. These assets can include a medical practice, as well as residential and commercial real estate, equities, retirement assets, debt and multiple accounts established domestically and even internationally for a host of reasons and purposes.

The fair valuation and division of these debts and assets is on of the concerns of a divorcing physician in Louisville. Is there a prenuptial agreement in place? If so, what protections will it provide and what will fall outside of the scope of that agreement? All assets and debts acquired from the date of the marriage to the date of separation will likely be considered as marital property, subject to equal division.

How will this affect your medical practice or any interest in a medical entity? If the interest was attained after the date of marriage the valuation will include a valuation of the practice itself, the increase in the financial value of the interest during your marriage or a combination of the two. Even if your medical practice was established prior to the marriage, the appreciation of the value of the practice during the course of the marriage will be an issue. This is especially true if your spouse made sacrifices to support your education or to manage children or the household in furtherance of your career.

Privacy is also one of the prevailing concerns of a divorcing physician in Louisville. It is important to not only protect your reputation, but to keep your personal, family and financial details out of the public record. Ask our divorce and family law attorneys about strategies such as venue and mediation which provide additional privacy and confidentiality protections while preserving your legal team’s ability to add value throughout your case while achieving your goals and objectives.

You need skilled, proven, expert legal advice and counsel and the support of other experts to protect your personal, family and financial interests. We invite you to review the strong recommendations of our former clients and contact us or call 502-584-1108 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced divorce and family law attorneys.