Families Can Make Custom Child Custody Plans

Families Can Make Custom Child Custody Plans

Did you know families can make custom child custody plans to meet the unique needs of their children? For many parents in Louisville and Jefferson County who decide to divorce, child custody and visitation issues can be some of the most difficult and contentious matters that accompany the end of the marriage. While both parents may be prepared to end their personal relationship with one another, most parents also want to preserve their relationship with their children.

Of course, custody battles can also be stressful for the children involved as well. However, parents can often work together to achieve a parenting plan which reflects the best interests of the child and the unique needs of the family.

Every family that goes through divorce has individualized needs and schedules. Many divorcing parents both work full-time schedules, and some may work an array of different shifts and days, depending on their job and type of employment. Families can make custom child custody plans to reflect the rhythms of their own lives and those of the children.

Child custody and visitation schedules do not need to be based on a one-size-fits-all framework. Instead, parents and their lawyers can work together to settle on a visitation schedule that best reflects the employment schedules of the parents and preserves their connection to their children.

In families where one parent has primary residential custody, the other parent will have visitation time. One of the most common schedules for visitation time is for the child to spend every other weekend at the non-custodial parent’s home as well as one weekday night after school. However, this option is only one choice; parents with different schedules may choose to plan visitation on different days of the week.

Parents who are going through divorce often have many issues to consider, and child custody and visitation can be at the top of the list. Families can make custom child custody plans to protect their rights as a parent as well as the best interests of the child(ren). Our experienced divorce and family law attorneys can help a divorcing parent to protect their interests including working to achieve a child custody or visitation schedule that protects the parent-child relationship and meets the needs of the family. Contact Dodd & Dodd or call 502-584-1108 to learn more.