Keep the Details of Your Louisville Divorce Private – Mediation

Keep the Details of Your Louisville Divorce Private

How do you keep the details of your Louisville divorce private and out of the public record? One of the sources of stress in any divorce is the social impact it can have on a person when their private personal, business and financial details are available for anyone to read. Nosey neighbors, co-workers, church associates, business professionals and even your children (one day) can review the public records of any divorce. One expects to lose some of their friends and members of their inner circle in a divorce, but how do you protect your privacy?

Often, the main source of damage to a reputation comes from one’s own spouse in Court testimony during a divorce. One of the best strategies to keep the details of your Louisville divorce private is mediation. Mediation is a confidential, private and productive strategy to keep personal information about your divorce, your children, business and financial information out of the public record. What happens in mediation stays in mediation. Anything shared in mediation cannot be used as evidence if an issue cannot be resolved and winds up before the Judge. This allows you and your spouse to maintain an element of control over the proceedings while working to resolve areas of disagreement associated with your divorce. In addition, many couples find mediation helps them to reduce the cost of their divorce as well as the time it takes to complete the process.

There are quite often communications shared in anger, affairs, personal financial information and business issues which can become evidence if an issue is presented before the Judge in your case. Mediation focuses upon the specific issues at hand in a private setting, helps to identify options to resolve the challenge and ultimately professional management of the entire process. The divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd provide sound counsel and legal insight to our clients during mediation to help them make sound decisions while moving toward resolution.

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