How Does Kentucky Family Law Affect Pets in a Divorce in Louisville?

How Does Kentucky Family Law Affect Pets in a Divorce

How does Kentucky family law affect pets in a divorce here in Louisville? Pets are obviously beloved members of the family. What is to become of the family dog, cat, bird, snakes, ferret or pet after the divorce?

Until recent years pets in Kentucky were unfortunately considered more like marital property. Recently, while pets are still considered to be “marital property” the judge will have full discretion to weigh all factors associated with your pets.

How will Kentucky family law affect pets in a divorce? How will time be allocated with each pet? Who is responsible for the costs of caring for the pet, feeding and veterinary expenses? In other words, the judge will in all likelihood resolve these questions with an agreement which could look a lot like a shared parenting agreement.

In some cases, the pet may accompany the child(ren) as they move between households after the divorce as part of a shared child custody and parenting plan.

In cases where there are no children many observers believe the Court will consider either a shared pet visitation (much like child visitation), order the sale of the pet (dividing the proceeds between the parties) or an order for one party buy out the interest of the other.

“How does Kentucky family law affect pets in a divorce in Louisville?” In recent cases the model of using the same process to resolve a pet dispute as the Judge would in a child custody dispute and similar results in mediation have been implemented in many local divorce cases.

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