How Do You Know When It’s Time to Divorce in Louisville

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Divorce in Louisville

We are often asked “How do you know when it’s time to divorce in Louisville and Southern Kentucky?” How do you know when a marriage is genuinely “over?”

Every person is truly unique, and so is the union of two unique people. While ultimately the decision of whether or not a marriage is irreconcilable will be made by the parties themselves, there are signs which professional counselors believe point toward an answer.

One of the most common issues for divorce found in a Study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers is an unfair distribution of household chores, responsibilities and activities associated with raising children. In essence, one spouse feels like they are burdened with a heavily unfair proportion of daily responsibilities.

Another of the symptoms that help you know when it’s time to divorce in Louisville is a genuine breakdown in communications and intimacy. Most experts agree effective communication is an essential ingredient in a successful marriage. This can manifest in many ways. One party may always go to the “nuclear” option of starting a fight if any disagreement arises. In other cases, parties may be unwilling to face, acknowledge and work through genuine issues in the marriage. In the same way, a lack of fighting actually is a signpost of the end of a relationship.

Every couple argues. This is a natural element in any productive relationship. The couple is bound to disagree here and there. How you handle disagreement is another matter altogether. If you and your spouse have stopped fighting it shows disconnection and disinterest in the relationship itself.

Intimacy is a key part of any marriage, so a complete loss of intimacy may help one to know when it’s time to divorce in Louisville. Intimacy isn’t just a physical connection. In fact it is a profound feeling of genuinely respecting, admiring, enjoying and feeling close to your spouse. The loss of these physical and intimate emotional connections is quite hard to overcome.

While the list of reasons why couples seek a divorce is a long and comprehensive list most individual reasons can be summarized by boundaries, respect, connection and equality. Physical or emotional abuse, affairs, disconnection and an unfair distribution of labor are all warning signs in any marriage.

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