Likelihood of Maintenance After 10 Years of Marriage in a Divorce

What is the likelihood of Maintenance After 10 Years of Marriage in a Louisville Divorce?

What is the likelihood of maintenance after 10 Years of marriage in a Louisville divorce? A few decades ago in Kentucky, if the underlying marriage lasted longer than 10 years, maintenance could almost be viewed as a permanent contract of support. Many subsequent Court Cases, Appellate and Supreme Court decisions have had an impact on the nature and duration of maintenance after 10 years of marriage.

The Court will absolutely be interested in the actual duration of the marriage. This is the period of time from the date of the marriage to the (final) date of separation prior to the divorce. However, the Court must also weigh several other factors when determining the amount and duration of maintenance.

Is there a substantial difference in the ability to earn a living between the former spouses? How old is each party? What health conditions exist for either or both of the former spouses? What was the standard of living the couple enjoyed during the course of their marriage? How long after the 10 year point did the divorce occur? (There is a substantial legal and financial difference between a marriage of 10 years and 8 months than a marriage which lasted 19 years.)

The likelihood of maintenance after 10 years of marriage in a Louisville divorce is quite high. However, the parties have the legal right to reach any agreement and present it to the Court. The Court may not agree, especially if the Judge believes the agreement is weighted toward the spouse who already has more financial strength and earning capacity.

The duration of the marriage certainly doesn’t mean there has to be maintenance. The Judge may award no maintenance if the earning capacity of each party is sufficient and all other financial, health and retirement aspects are somewhat in balance.

The Court must also consider the sacrifices made by either party in support of the other during the course of the marriage. For example, did one party work to support the couple while the other completed their education or professional training? Did one of the parties leave their career to manage the household, raise children or support family members of their spouse (such as older parents)?

While the likelihood of maintenance after 10 years of marriage in a Louisville divorce is higher than a shorter term marriage, there are multiple factors which will affect this issue in your divorce. This is why it is important to seek the counsel of the experienced, proven Divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd.

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