Maintenance Calculated in a Louisville Divorce

How is Maintenance Calculated in a Louisville Divorce?

How is Maintenance calculated in a Louisville divorce case?  Unlike child support, where Kentucky has published specific guidelines and calculations, Maintenance or “alimony” as it is often referred to is much more discretionary.  This often leads to dispute and expensive litigation as the parties work to protect their interests during a divorce.

Even a quick glance at the legal code itself will tell you this area of family law is quite complex and based upon a broad range of factors that must be considered by the judge or magistrate in your case.  Some of these factors include the length of your marriage, the economic and employment viability of each of the spouses, health and the standard of living the parties enjoyed during the marriage.  If one of the spouses worked to put the other through school or left employment to stay home with children the likelihood and amount of maintenance are increased.

Maintenance calculated in a Louisville divorce case must balance these factors while providing somewhat of a balanced financial equation between the parties.  This is why it is so important to have the representation of one of the oldest and most experienced and proven Louisville divorce and family law firms.  Dodd & Dodd have decades of experience and legal skill in Maintenance cases before Jefferson County family law courts.  We provide our clients with informed insight based upon extensive actual experience in these contentious cases.

Maintenance goals are directly established by our clients. We work to accomplish those goals as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible while achieving most or all of our client’s objectives throughout the case.

Mediation is an effective tool for resolving Maintenance disputes in Louisville without the need for expensive and time consuming litigation. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and work diligently to resolve these challenges while accomplishing our client’s objectives.

There are some instances where it is in our client’s best interest to ask the judge to decide these matters.  In these cases it is the experience, knowledge, skill and expertise of your Dodd & Dodd attorney that will make a substantial impact on the outcome in your case