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Mediation Can Reduce Three Primary Factors in Divorce: Time, Emotional Stress and Cost

Mediation can reduce three primary factors in divorce – time, emotional stress and cost. You have much more control over your divorce in mediation than you would before a judge so take advantage of the opportunity to manage the process, make some of your own rules and enjoy one of the most beneficial strategies for any divorce: mediation.

Why is mediation so effective? The first thing to know about mediation is the rules are very flexible, and you help to create them. Unlike court, where every action is closely guided by Kentucky law, in mediation the parties themselves are free to create alternative solutions which work best for their family and the unique rhythms which governed the lives of the children prior to the divorce.

You are not bound to the recommendations of the mediator, and the entire process is confidential which keeps your personal issues out of the public record. The mediator works to get to the core of issues quickly while helping to establish common ground. The parties and the mediator work to develop solutions which both parties can agree upon, ultimately creating the resolution to challenging issues such as child custody and visitation time, the division of property, valuation and division of business interests, child support, maintenance and the division of retirement accounts.

This allows most couples to resolve every issue in their divorce and have a settlement agreement ready to go in a fraction of the time it might take to litigate the case before a judge. Mediation is also usually a fraction of the cost of trial, saving valuable money and other financial resources. Instead of taking more than a year, most cases which employ mediation are able to be completed in a much shorter time frame.

Finally, emotional stress is greatly reduced. Instead of fighting over issues in open court on the public record, mediation reduces the emotional cost of a divorce. Strict rules of conduct preclude the parties from treating the other disrespectfully or abusively. This is how mediation can reduce three primary factors in divorce while improving the process and experience of ending a marriage.

The mediator helps the parties to learn new skills which not only help them to resolve disagreements and successfully complete mediation, studies prove parties who work together in mediation are much more likely to abide by the agreements they themselves have created, and have additional tools to work through challenges which might arise post decree as they work to co-parent their children.

Mediation can reduce three primary factors in divorce while helping you to accomplish your goals and objectives. Work with one of the most experienced family law mediators in Central Kentucky. The experienced Louisville divorce attorneys at Dodd & Dodd often represent clients in mediation as well.

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