Parenting Plan or Visitation Modifications in Louisville

Parenting Plan or Visitation Modifications

Are you searching for information regarding parenting plan or visitation modifications after a Louisville divorce? What is the process to seek changes in existing child custody, visitation or parenting plan orders?

It is important to understand that our Courts are still somewhat backlogged from the pandemic and the sheer volume of cases our Family Courts are asked to manage. One or both of the parties must ask the Court to consider their motion for parenting plan or visitation modifications. The Court will be looking for specific justification(s) for hearing your case. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • A change in the needs of a child
  • A substantial change in the work schedule of either co-parent
  • Relocation or move-away request from a parent sharing visitation with a co-parent
  • Refusal of one of the co-parents to abide by the existing orders of the Court
  • Irresponsible behavior of a co-parent such as a DUI or drug possession arrest
  • Domestic violence or child abuse

You will need the assistance of the divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd. A detailed request for parenting plan or visitation modifications must be developed and submitted to the Court. The Court will always be interested in the best interests of the affected child(ren) and it is important to document the existing status quo as well as important evidence which supports the requested modifications.

If the parties are in complete agreement on proposed changes our firm can prepare necessary paperwork memorializing the new agreement and submit it to the Court for review and ultimately approval. It is always important to seek formal modifications to orders in order to protect your interests and those of your child(ren) down the road.

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