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Questions about Maintenance in a Louisville Divorce

Do you have questions about maintenance in a Louisville divorce. Maintenance is quite often the largest financial burden one of the parties will bear in the years following the divorce. The experienced and proven Louisville divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd work for the best interest of our clients in these cases. A difference of $200 per month over ten years will amount to more than $24,000.

How can the attorneys at Dodd & Dodd help to answer your questions about maintenance in a Louisville divorce? We are one of the oldest law firms in the nation and have decades of experience in local courts and family law matters.

For example, if one party had affairs outside of the marriage will it affect the amount of maintenance that party must pay? Since Kentucky is a “no-fault” divorce state, which assumes all divorces are the result of irreconcilable differences, our courts will not consider extra-marital affairs as part of maintenance calculations.

Is there a computer program which calculates the amount of support to be paid? Our Louisville area family law courts may use an automated system to help determine initial or “temporary” maintenance orders. However, there are dozens of factors the court must consider before awarding permanent maintenance, including the age and health of the parties, education and skills and the ability to be self-sustaining. An order for maintenance cannot be accomplished through software – it must be established through agreement of the parties or by an order of the court.

How does the duration of your marriage affect the amount and duration of maintenance? When the duration of a marriage is ten years or longer it is considered in a different manner when determining the amount and duration of maintenance. There is not a “lifetime” maintenance provision under Kentucky Law, but longer term marriages provide for extended maintenance terms. Maintenance for marriages which last less than ten years will usually be for a shorter duration and amount.

In many cases maintenance may be reduced in exchange for a larger share of marital property or an increase in child support.

Questions about maintenance in a Louisville divorce require insight from the experienced and proven Louisville divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd. Get the answers to your questions and develop a solid strategy which will help you to accomplish your goals and objectives. We invite you to contact us or call 502-584-1108 to learn more and schedule an appointment.