Why Is the Settlement Agreement Important in a Louisville Divorce Case

Is The Settlement Agreement Important in a Louisville Divorce?

What is a “Settlement Agreement” and is the Settlement Agreement important in a Louisville divorce case? The Settlement Agreement is a written document which captures and memorializes (preserves, thoroughly describes) any agreement(s) reached between former spouses or domestic partners who are separating or divorcing.

What makes the Settlement Agreement important in a Louisville divorce is the way it serves as a roadmap to your future life. When you need a map to travel in an unknown area, do you want a sparsely defined map with a few towns and roads, or do you want a map which is as precisely detailed as possible? Generally speaking, the more detailed the map the more likely you are to reach your destination. The same is true with the Settlement Agreement.

The Settlement agreement can address any and all issues associated with your divorce, including but not limited to:

In short, every matter associated with your divorce must be completely resolved, one way or another, before the Judge in your case can issue orders and complete your divorce. The more you and your former spouse are able to reach agreement on any or all of these issues through negotiation or mediation, the faster and less expensive your divorce will be. This will also have a tremendous impact on the emotional price of your divorce as well.

When any issue is resolved along the way the divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd work with our clients to capture every detail of the agreement(s) between you and your former spouse or partner.

These are the things which make your Settlement Agreement important in a Louisville divorce case. Many who are contemplating or are in the midst of a divorce have a hard time imagining life after their divorce. Our attorneys provide sound advice and counsel so that our clients complete their divorce with a sound foundation for a promising road forward while accomplishing their goals and objectives along the way.

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