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How Long Will Maintenance Support Last After Your Louisville Divorce

We are often asked "How long will maintenance support last?"  How long does maintenance last after your Louisville divorce?  Will it be enough to be able to support a separate household?  Questions of maintenance (often referred to as “spousal support” or “alimony”) are not a clearly defined calculation in Kentucky law like the child support...

How is a 401k Handled in a Louisville Divorce

How will a 401k be handled in a Louisville divorce?  Retirement assets such as a 401k are considered in the same manner as "marital property" and marital contributions are usually fairly or equitably divided between the parties.  Is a retirement asset the separate property of the owner, or is it a marital asset and subject...

An Introduction to Business Valuation in Your Louisville Divorce

Are you searching for an introduction to business valuation in your Louisville divorce?  One of the most legally and financially complicated and contentious issues in a divorce is the ownership of a business or professional practice. How is a business asset going to be classified (marital property, separate property or a commingled asset)?  If the...