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What is a collaborative divorce in Louisville? How is this process different than an uncontested divorce, contested divorce or a military divorce? We are often asked:

“How can we keep costs down and get some help to resolve some of these issues in our divorce?”

“Is it possible to have a divorce with dignity?”

“Why is it important to have at least a good working relationship after a divorce and how will this help our kids?”

Collaborative Divorce is a Win Win

Collaborative divorce is the answer in many of these cases. In Kentucky, a collaborative divorce is a formally structured process designed specifically to allow the divorcing couple to:

  • avoid court
  • establish specific rules for how their divorce will be managed
  • limit time frame and costs
  • draw upon experienced professionals and accomplish their divorce in a dignified manner consistent with their own values and goals

Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC is committed to the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative law requires extensive training and we have successfully completed all preparation for this important work.

Collaborative law places you, the clients, in charge of your divorce providing a much more controlled and empowering experience.

The emotional burden of other divorce models is greatly lowered, and a collaborative process not only completes your divorce in a cooperative manner it establishes new skills and relationship dynamics that will be important to your quality of life after the divorce is completed. This is especially true if you will share parenting duties for your children.

How Does the Collaborative Divorce Process Work?

All parties involved in your divorce, including your attorneys and the other professionals who are brought in to support you sign a contract which eliminates the threat of “going to court.” The contract establishes clear goals regarding the behavior of all parties and establishes the central priority: settlement without a trial.

Collaborative Divorce is More Dignified and Cost EffectiveYour collaborative divorce will establish a team who work together constructively and in a positive environment, not as opponents. The goal is creative and constructive meetings designed to find common ground and work in a positive collaborative manner instead of as adversaries.

The collaborative divorce process fosters open, candid communications in a much more informal and comfortable setting. Every step is focused upon the outcome – completing your divorce in a timely and cost-effective manner without the need for a trial or going to court.

Your professional team supports you throughout the process to ensure a full, transparent disclosure by both former spouses. We ensure all parties use calm reasoning, analysis, creativity and the benefit of their experience and expertise to generate fair and reasonable options.

This allows the former spouses to select the options that are best for them and for their children and reach a fair and just settlement in their divorce.

There are incentives for your team to help you complete the process successfully. There are also disincentives built into the collaborative divorce contract.

If the process breaks down or one of the parties attempts to go to court the whole team – on both sides – must withdraw from the case. This means we all have a stake in ensuring a successful outcome.

As your lawyers, Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC contributes decades of experience and legal skill and expertise in support of the process. As your lawyers and counselors at law we protect your interests and support you throughout the process. We also work comfortably and collaboratively with your former spouse and their representatives in a productive and professional manner.

The Emotional Price of a Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Resolves Difficult ChallengesMany people underestimate the emotional price of a divorce. Most of our clients are upset enough about the end of their marriage and do not fully understand all of the issues that must be completely resolved before a divorce can be finalized, including:

For most, their greatest fears are the constant bickering, that attorneys will drive up the anger between the parties and the cost of the divorce, as well as the fear of the unknown.

The experience of going to court often leaves people feeling embarrassed to have private issues placed in open court. There is usually no “win” or “lose” in divorce cases as a judge typically wants both parties to feel as if they have had to give in a bit.

Collaborative law reverses this experience. You won’t have to go to court. Arguing and fighting is replaced with a constructive, positive tone and a cooperative process supported by expert professionals. Collaborative divorce leaves you with a sense of control, empowerment and optimism.

After decades of experience with divorce in the greater Louisville area, our attorneys can tell you that it is absolutely possible to work through your divorce while gaining new skills and building a strong foundation for the rest of your life.

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