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Why do you need the protection and representation of an experienced Louisville tax attorney from Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC?  Very few government agencies have the power of the IRS and Kentucky’s Department of Revenue to impose harsh financial conditions on your life.  For many Kentuckians tax filing, tax audits, and tax disputes can become complex quite quickly. US and Kentucky tax laws change annually, and it is important for business and individual taxpayers to keep abreast of these developments and remain in compliance with the IRS and Kentucky taxes.

Often, it is not in your interest to contact or speak with the IRS or Kentucky Department of Revenue agents directly.  These are highly skilled, highly trained investigators who know how to get you to divulge information against your own personal or business interests.  Many taxpayers provide far too much information in response to IRS or Kentucky tax inquiries or audits in an effort to get on the auditor’s “good side.”

The reality is they have already targeted you because they intend to collect additional taxes at your expense.  Protect yourself.  If you are contacted by the IRS or a Kentucky tax agency for an audit you should contact our experienced tax attorneys.  If you owe back-taxes, or if you want to contest the government in a tax dispute, it is important to understand your rights and obligations before filing. At Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC we offer experienced advocacy and support to clients who need informed guidance and strategic support in IRS and Kentucky tax law disputes.

Taking initiative in tax planning and in tax disputes can protect you against later fines and tax obligations. Our attorneys can protect your rights in all aspects of tax planning, tax disputes, and tax repayment planning. Contact us for a consultation.

Experienced Louisville Tax Attorneys Committed to Protecting Your Rights

Whether you are a small-business owner or individual interested in tax planning, or are the subject of an audit it is important to understand your rights and obligations before you owe taxes or find yourself in a dispute with the IRS or the Kentucky Department of Revenue. Our experienced attorneys will take the time to understand your current financial status, communications from the IRS and/or the Kentucky Department of Revenue as well as your objectives and find a creative solution to your tax obligations.

Tax Audits and Tax Return Preparation

If you have been contacted by the IRS or the Kentucky Department of Revenue for an audit you need the legal representation of Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC.  We have served Louisville, Jefferson County, Oldham County and surrounding communities since 1869.  Our tradition of legal service for almost 150 years ensures that you are protected from the powers of the IRS and the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

Ask about the protections of the “attorney-client privilege.”  This important and strong legal protection ensures you can speak with our attorneys about every facet of your financial life in complete confidence.  Every communication we share can be protected.  CPAs, bookkeepers and tax preparation services normally cannot provide this protection.  The IRS and the State of Kentucky may compel all other financial professionals to provide all of their notes as well as any communications they have shared with you including emails, texts, phone conversations and written correspondence through broad subpoena powers.

Our attorneys are experienced in strategic tax planning to minimize fines, misunderstandings, and litigation involving tax audits and tax returns. We are experienced in representing both individuals and businesses to shield our clients from criminal and civil penalties through effective tax planning. Our attorneys can also assist you in tax planning after a divorce.

Tax Law Disputes Liens Levies and Garnishment

When faced with a tax law dispute, our attorneys provide aggressive representation to protect our individual and business clients with a focus on minimizing penalties and obligations. We are experienced in tax law disputes with the IRS and state taxing authorities in cases involving personal income tax, sales tax reporting, tax liens and asset protection. The IRS and Kentucky tax agencies can seize your bank accounts.  This is known as a “levy.”  They can also take a substantial portion of your paycheck or income through garnishment.  We can put a stop to a bank levy and income or wage garnishment so that you have the financial resources to fight and win.   Contact us for a consultation.

Installment plan and payment options

If you are in debt to the IRS and cannot afford to pay taxes, our attorneys can help negotiate a payment plan that you can afford so that you can minimize or eliminate any charges or fees associated with your delinquency. While the “pennies on the dollar” advertisements you see on TV may sound attractive, the IRS and the State of Kentucky do not settle with taxpayers easily and many clients have come to us after wasting thousands of dollars on these “pennies on the dollar” companies that advertise on TV.  You need the assistance of our experienced and proven tax attorneys.  The IRS and Kentucky tax authorities respect the Louisville tax attorney at Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC and know we are bound by high fiduciary and legal standards in our dealings with them.  This provides an atmosphere of trust and cooperative negotiation that a taxpayer could never achieve on their own.  For more information about installment plans and alternative payment options, please contact our tax law attorneys for an immediate consultation or case evaluation.

Contact Louisville Kentucky and IRS Tax Attorneys

Are you facing tax challenges with the IRS or Kentucky Department of Revenue?  Are you facing an audit or collections such as a lien, bank levy or wage garnishment?  Call our seasoned Louisville tax attorney today at 502-584-1108 or contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC by email for a consultation with an experienced Louisville Kentucky IRS and Kentucky Department of Revenue Tax Lawyer.

Together, we will work to resolve tax challenges and free you from the pressure of the IRS and State of Kentucky.  Are you ready to reduce or eliminate tax debt and move forward with your financial life?

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