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Probate is the process of settling the estate of a deceased person. It involves probating the will and other assets to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed according to estate planning documentation. At Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC we are experienced in the administration of the estate including the probate process, advising executors and trustees, as well as representing our clients in probate litigation.

Our attorneys offer strategic and aggressive advocacy to protect the intentions of a will or trust and the rights of our clients. Contact us for a consultation or case evaluation.

Do I Need a Probate Attorney?

Louisville Probate AttorneyThe probate administration process can be a complex and tedious process. Most of us are quite honored when asked to serve as an executor for a family member or friend.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people have no idea how complex the tasks of an executor will be.  Most are also unaware of the fiduciary duties that come along with serving as an executor.  You can and will be held personally and financially responsible for mistakes, errors, and the failure to timely prepare and submit probate documentation and reports to heirs and beneficiaries.

Fortunately, almost all estate plans and wills provide for the legal fees of the executor to ensure that you have the help, support and legal guidance necessary to discharge your responsibilities as an executor and honor your beloved friend or family member.

If you need assistance with estate or probate administration, it is important to consult with a trusted attorney who can quickly and effectively handle the details of your case. Our law firm was founded in 1869, and after almost 150 years of service to the Louisville community and the State of Kentucky you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to guide and support you through the probate process.

Probate and Estate Administration

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of probate and estate litigation and have the experience to ensure the proper filing and completion of all information, paperwork, deeds, forms and returns associated with the probate process. We handle all aspects of probate and estate administration including a marshalling and inventory of the estate, appraisals of property, identification of heirs and beneficiaries, obtaining pay-off balances for debts, resolving any contingent liabilities, preparation and submission of State and Federal tax returns, and ultimately the distribution of assets and property.

You may select us to administer your estate, or to support and guide the executor of your estate to ensure that your wishes are carried out.  For more information about probate and estate administration, please contact us for an immediate consultation.

Will Contests, Beneficiary Rights, and Probate Litigation

Will contests and litigation involving the management of a trust, an executor’s actions or the financial abuse of an elder can be legally complex and involve significant assets. The attorneys at Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC are experienced in aggressively asserting the rights of our clients in litigation involving the validity of a will, undue influence in the creation of a will, mismanagement of a trust, and breach of fiduciary duty. We will represent your interests and ensure that the executor or trustee takes timely action while fulfilling all duties associated with the administration of your loved one’s estate or trust.  We will aggressively assert your rights to prevent “sweetheart deals” and the squandering of money and assets, while protecting your interests and the intentions of your loved one.

Contact Experienced Probate and Estate Administration Attorneys

If you are an executor or trustee who requires legal assistance or guidance with your duties, or are an heir or beneficiary with concerns about a probate, trust or estate administration issue we invite you to call us at 502-584-1108 or contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC by email for a consultation with an experienced Louisville Kentucky probate, trust and estate administration lawyer.

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