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Shareholders who invest in a company have certain legal shareholder rights even if they hold a minority of the shares. When the day-to-day management of the company is concentrated in a small group of managers, enforcing those rights may require skilled legal assistance.

At Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC we help shareholders assert their rights through litigation if necessary. We also advise Louisville and Kentucky corporations on steps they can take to clarify shareholder rights in order to avoid potential conflicts.

Asserting the Rights of a Shareholder

Our corporate law attorneys help shareholders, who have been subjected to unfair treatment and other violations of their rights. We assist them in pursuing positive resolutions through effective litigation strategies.

Depending on the circumstances, a shareholder may wish to sue the company directly or may wish to bring a shareholder derivative suit against management on behalf of the company. Common types of shareholder rights litigation in Kentucky include the following:

  • Nonpayment of dividends
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Actions for accounting
  • Breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  • Concealment and failure to disclose material information

Whether your concerns or disputes are with other shareholders who are violating your rights, managers or executives who are violating their corporate duties to a dispute with some or all of the company’s shareholders, we can help you select an appropriate strategy.

Minority Interest Shareholder Rights Disputes

Shareholder disputes are more common than most people realize.  However, resulting shareholder dispute lawsuits can be tied up in Court for more than a year.  What are the most timely and cost-effective strategies for resolving shareholder disputes in Louisville or Kentucky corporations?  What happens when a minority shareholder has genuine concerns about the actions of the Board of directors, executive leadership or the direction of the corporation itself?

Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC has managed and resolved shareholder disputes in Louisville and throughout Kentucky for decades.  Our firm was established in 1869 and brings a powerful reputation as well as extensive experience and expertise to support your goals and objectives.

Minority shareholders have many rights under Kentucky law including the right to inspect the books and other important corporate documents and information.  Unfortunately, “freeze outs” and bullying actions by majority shareholders and corporate managers still regularly take place in Kentucky corporate politics.

Minority shareholders may be adversely affected by corporate decisions that will negatively impact their own interests.  Contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC and learn about “appraisal rights” and how they can protect your rights in the event of a merger, exchange of shares, sale of assets or a buyout.   Our legal team will aggressively protect your interests and work to hold the majority interest to the high standards of Kentucky law while seeking to negotiate a path to resolve shareholder disputes in Kentucky.

If you are a minority shareholder who is experiencing shareholder oppression, a freeze-out or other strategies to keep you from the day-to-day operations and information of the corporation you own an interest in we invite you to contact us, or call to schedule a consultation at (502) 584-1108.  

Derivative Lawsuits

When negative decisions are being implemented by the Board of Directors or Corporate Officers a shareholder may bring a derivative lawsuit against the officers or Board or its executives on behalf of the company itself.  These cases require extensive legal expertise and skill.

Denial of access to critical information or elements of decision making is often known as a “freeze out.”   The denial of access to this information is a serious matter here in Kentucky, and Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC has decades of successful experience representing clients in a minority shareholder dispute in Jefferson County and throughout Kentucky.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Other Kentucky Shareholder Disputes

As a shareholder, you may be focused upon wrongdoing by those with control of the corporation.  Contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC if you are concerned about actions such as:

  • improper payments
  • excessive compensation or distributions
  • misappropriation of funds
  • “sweetheart” transactions with outside companies involving conflict of interest
  • breach of fiduciary duty

You have options, and there many potential legal remedies to protect your rights and interests.  One of the legal options available to a Kentucky Court protect minority interests from oppression or persistent unfairness is to order the liquidation of the corporation, even if it is solvent.  In other cases, the Court may order a change in the control of the corporation.  The Court may also award liquidated damages up to and including reasonable attorney’s fees in some cases.

Contact an Experienced Kentucky Shareholder’s Rights Lawyer

We invite you to review the comments and recommendations of our clients and contact Dodd & Dodd Attorneys, PLLC or call (502) 584-1108 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced shareholder rights attorneys.  Asserting and protecting the rights of a shareholder or minority interest in a corporation requires legal skill and expertise.  You can depend on a law firm with a tradition of excellence dating all the way back to 1869.