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Divorce Challenges for a Louisville Doctor

What are some of the most important divorce challenges for a Louisville doctor? The pandemic has not only placed a lot more stress upon emergency room and ICU physicians and staff, it has changed the process of delivering health care in Louisville and across the United States. The constant changes and stress associated with the pandemic have resulted in a substantial increase in divorce across the US. If you are a doctor and are facing a divorce what are some of the issues you may face?

The process of divorce is quite complex for many Louisville spouses. Divorces which involve a physician are inherently even more complex. There are many divorce challenges for a Louisville doctor which require genuine legal skill and experience to protect your interests and accomplish your objectives.

Child custody and parenting time is one of the most important issues in any divorce involving a parent. The demands of practicing medicine can be used by a former spouse and opposing counsel to question issues associated with parenting time and the ability to remain actively involved in the life of your child(ren). Child support is often directly affected by the amount of time the parent will ultimately spend with each child.

One of the greatest divorce challenges for a Louisville doctor occurs during property division. Many physicians enter into a prenuptial agreement before getting married in order to structure many of the issues associated with property division and spousal maintenance. It is often important to negotiate and implement a post-nuptial agreement when the possibility of divorce arises for a Louisville physician. A post-nuptial agreement is simply a contract between the spouses after the date of the marriage. It can cover many important aspects of the divorce process. Ask the Divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd about this important strategy.

Property division will encompass many factors including all existing assets and investments, retirement assets and the marital interest in a doctor’s practice or corporate entity. The valuation of a physician’s interest in a professional practice or corporate entity is complex from both a financial and legal perspective. Our experienced, proven attorneys have handled many divorces involving physicians and provide sound counsel to protect your interests. The good news is it is not legal for an unlicensed person to own an interest in a medical practice or corporation in Kentucky. This will be a complex financial settlement and just as in your practice you will want the strongest team possible for your divorce.

There are several potential traps and pitfalls which increase the divorce challenges for a Louisville doctor. Our attorneys make sure to thoroughly manage your case and protect your interests at each step. We work to protect the confidentiality of all information associated with your practice and your patients. We help to protect you from actions which could adversely affect the valuation of your practice while ensuring extensive expert financial consideration has been given to present and future assets, investments and associated tax implications. Remaining active in the care and activities of your child(ren) will help to protect your interests in child custody and parenting time issues. Ask about our proven strategies to help you to protect what is most important to you as you prepare for and work through a divorce.

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