High Asset Divorces in Louisville Require Strategic Planning and Tax Expertise

High asset divorces in Louisville require strategic planning and tax expertise to ensure the best possible outcome.  Financially substantive individuals who are considering a divorce in Louisville or Central Kentucky should work with well established, experienced and proven family law attorneys who can provide sound counsel and guidance.  The experienced divorce attorneys at Dodd & Dodd help to protect our client’s interests and guide them through the complex process of asset division, spousal maintenance, child custody and parenting time, the valuation and division of a business or professional practice other complex issues associated with high asset divorces.

Allen M. Dodd is a Master of Laws in Taxation (LL. M. Taxation) and provides comprehensive analysis, planning and insight into the tax implications of all decisions associated with high asset divorces in Louisville and Central Kentucky.

There are many important issues to consider in these cases including:

  • Maintaining privacy and keeping personal private information from inclusion in the public record
  • Valuation of business ownership or professional practice interests, and the impact of “good-will” upon any active business investment
  • The disposition of the family residence and associated substantial equity, as well as additional residences, vacation property or investment real estate
  • Establishing a successful child custody and parenting plan and support schedule
  • Positioning of rental income and association to appropriate expenses to ensure appropriate accounting for spousal maintenance and child support income calculations
  • Identification and contents of all bank accounts, investment accounts, safe deposit boxes and offshore financial interests
  • Disposition of Retirement vehicles such as 401k, pension or Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Life insurance policy benefits, cash value, and other associated issues

Advance divorce planning allows time to prepare for settlement negotiations, evaluate taxation impact and reflect upon strategic goals for the process.  It also helps to protect against abuses such as pre-divorce spending by the other party, or allegations of abuse or neglect in an attempt to affect parenting time or support liabilities.

The experienced divorce, tax, business and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd work with you to develop a comprehensive financial strategy for the process of your divorce.  Effective planning will help to reduce the likelihood of expensive litigation and run-away spending by the other party and needless legal posturing by their representation.

High asset divorces in Louisville require a strong legal and tax team.  Our reputation in the Louisville family law community is well established after almost 150 years.  Opposing counsel know that we have the skill and expertise to protect our client’s goals as well as our proven track record in previous cases.  They know we are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.  This increases the likelihood a productive, leveraged negotiation and/or mediation will achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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