The Process of Divorce and Children During the Holidays - Child Custody

The Process of Divorce and Children During the Holidays

The stress of considering the end of a marriage is perhaps never highest than during the holiday season. One is acutely aware of changes in long-held traditions and the impact of a potential or ongoing divorce. This is especially true for divorcing parents in Louisville. The process of divorce and children during the holidays requires extensive planning, flexibility and a commitment to the best interests of your child(ren).

Planning for a divorce includes the development of many important strategies. One of the most important is how you will be able to manage the emotional challenges which arise during different stages of your divorce while maintaining emotional, spiritual and physical balance. Self-care is an important part of preparing for and enduring a divorce.

The process of reflecting upon divorce and children during the holidays raises one of the hardest questions a parent can face: “How can I protect my child(ren) and reduce the impact of the divorce on their lives?” Obviously, divorce is going to have an impact on any child. They don’t have the perspective, life experience or understanding to process what is happening, let alone understand what to expect from life going forward. Children will face a broad variety of feelings and questions during this process and it will be important to develop strategies to actively engage each child and their feelings.

Children often experience guilt as part of the divorce process, and have no idea how they should behave with each parent. An ideal part of the process of thinking about divorce and children during the holidays is to develop active strategies to face these issues head-on with your child(ren) and work through them. How can you work to prepare them for what is to come? What are some healthy strategies to relieve stress and anxiety in your children while helping them to move through their feelings as they come to understand new rhythms in their lives. What is going to remain the same no matter what? Will you and/or they require the support of a professional counselor?

The good news is you are not alone and there are proven, successful strategies for guiding children through the process of divorce while managing the balance of your child custody and visitation goals. This is why it is important to work with the divorce and family law attorneys at Dodd & Dodd. We work with parents contemplating divorce to carefully plan and prepare for each step in the process. We work with our clients to develop child custody and parenting time strategies to help protect their children while accomplishing their own goals and objectives for the divorce.

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The experience of the holidays can add substantial burden as you contemplate the end of a marriage. Let us help, advise, counsel and guide you through this process.